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Amberjack Fish Fact

a group of fish in the water

Did you know that Amberjack is the name of three species of Atlantic fish of the Carangidae family, which includes the amberjacks and the pompanos? The largest of the amberjacks are called the Greater Amberjacks and they usually have dark stripes extending from the nose to the front of their dorsal fins. Next in line are the Lesser Amberjacks. They have a proportionately larger eye and deeper body than the Greater Amberjack. They are olive green or brownish-black in color with silver sides. They usually have a dark band extending upward from their eyes. The Juvenile Amberjacks have split or wavy bars on their sides. The smallest of the Amerjacks is the Banded Rudderfish. This fish can be distinguished by the presence of a first dorsal fin. Now you know!

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