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September Fishing

Even though we are in the middle of September, the dog days of summer are still here. High water temperatures and afternoon thunder storms will soon give way to lower humidity and drier air. Earlier this month we had our first minor cool front of the year. As the days give way to the cooler air, summer species of bait and shrimp will start to migrate into the Gulf and this will trigger the fall feeding frenzy.

We have seen great catches of amberjack on our longer trips. Vermillion snapper remain the most consistent fishing that we have had with lots of fish being caught on the 6-hour charters. This year we have had an unusual amount of west currents and wind which has brought us a lot of muddy water, a loss of clarity and lower salinity levels. This has slowed the pelagic fish and this is why in September we expect to see mostly easterly winds and tides which should see an increased activity in the fish.

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