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Keeping our Guests in Mind

Wayne Martin standing in front of a boat Wow, #RedSnapper season is here! As you know, fuel is at an all-time high for everyone and for anglers, this means all other fishing costs have gone up. Bait is expensive – $3/lb. for squid and $4/lb. for cigar minnows; a 10 oz. lead that used to cost 35¢ is now $3.50; fuel is currently $5 plus per gallon; slip rent and insurance costs are also up.  At cruise, a charter boat burns on average 30 gallons per hour. Our six-hour trips burn between 100 to 120 gallons; that is $650 gallons worth of fuel at current prices.

We all are feeling the inflation. Here at Reel Surprise Charters, we are trying to keep our prices as low as possible. We have had a price increase, but our profits remain the same or less. The good news is that the fish are biting and the seas are calm. Let’s all hope that the fuel prices come back down to a reasonable level so that we may all get some relief.

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