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Inshore Fishing and Pompano

a man holding a fish

Another fish plentiful now is pompano. Pompano are common along inshore waters and can be found along beaches, oyster banks and in grass beds. They sometimes can be found in deeper waters. Their movement is greatly influenced by the tides and water temperatures. Perhaps the most common way to catch pompano is by standing on the shore and casting out, but you can also catch pompano on an inshore charter. Reel Surprise Charters has seven inshore charter boats for you to choose from. We will help you target your efforts in troughs and drop offs around passes. Bait will get washed into these low lying areas. If the fish are in the area, during some stage of the tide, they will feed in these troughs. The basic premise is that tide and current moves bait into feeding zones and the fish show up to chow down.

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