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Catching #Flounder on our Alabama Gulf Coast

Flounder spawn in water 25 to 35 meters deep. The fingerling flounder gulp randomly for plankton until they are between 5 to 10 mm long. It is during the larval stage when the left eye migrates around to the right side of the fish. This process takes around six to ten weeks and when complete the baby flounder settles on the bottom as a recognizable flatfish. Once baby flounder settle on the bottom they move into very shallow inshore estuaries and the upper reaches of harbors.

Flounder can be found along our Alabama Gulf Coast during the fall months when the weather is starting to get cooler. This species lives on the ocean and bay floors and typically stay in one place while waiting for bait to cross their path. Flounder prefer live shrimp and in order to catch this fish, you need to drop the bait to the bottom and take-up the slack.

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