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Amberjack Fishing

a man holding a fish on a boat

Did you know that there are more than one species of Amberjack? The largest of the amberjacks are called the Greater Amberjacks and they usually have dark stripes extending from the nose to the front of their dorsal fins. Amberjacks can be found offshore in water depths greater than 60 feet around reefs.

When fishing for amberjack, be sure and use live bait as this will give you the most success. A lively bait fish such as blue runner, pinfish, grunts or cigar minnows are a good choice.  For the best fishing, fish in the middle of the water column as these fish like to swim just above the reef. Since amberjacks are a predator fish, they feed on squid, baitfish, and crustaceans. You can also use an artificial lure such as top-water plugs, jigs, spoons, and diving lures. Make sure your drag is set tight, and get ready for a fight.

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